Worst Mobile Phones Ever Created In The World

Waking up in the morning and moving our hands here and there just looking for one single thing known as a smartphone. Is this the way your morning starts because mine starts just like this. Mobile phones are the best creations in the world but today we are going to deal with some of the worst mobile phones ever created. Can you imagine the thing we love the most today and spend most of the time today can have the worst part too? So today I have a list of some worst mobile phones ever created. These are the devices that will seriously make you say WTF! as these are the worst and funniest creations.

Mobile phones are an important part of our lives and we do a lot of work on these devices but what we are using are may be the best or above average creations. So without wasting your much time lets get started with the list.

Worst Mobile Phones Ever Created In The World| Worst And Funniest

A. Samsung SPH-N270 Matrix

worst mobile phones ever created

This device was created and developed by Samsung in 2003. Samsung named it as SPH-N270 Matrix. As this device was inspired by the matrix movie. This device was meant to be a mobile phone of people’s dream and Samsung gave it a futuristic look. In the end, this was a failure and ended up as one of the worst mobile phones ever created.

The over-designed speaker flips out of the tiny screen of the device whereas the body of the phone in unnecessary bulked. The overall design matches less with the classic matrix movies. This device was launched in 2003 as I said before and was discontinued in 2006. Also, this device didn’t support MP3 or video playback but this was also not a camera phone. Only 10,000 units were made and 2500 were sold. The device was priced at 500$ but was seen selling at 1000$ on eBay. So this was one of the worst mobile phones ever created.

B. Nokia 7600

worst mobile phones ever created

The Nokia 7600 was a camera phone which was launched on 25 September 2003. Nokia 7600 was the second 3g handset launched by Nokia. This device a lot difficult to use with a single hand and having a ridiculous design it pushed away people. The phone was basically designed for the fashion market. It had a unique teardrop shape and a variety of interchangeable covers was available.

The VGA camera was a good quality of its time but very poor according to the modern standards. Its design is what let him ended in this category of worst mobile phones ever created.

C. LG DoublePlay

worst mobile phones ever created

Lg DoublePlay is an Android smartphone designed by LG electronics and T-mobile’s operator. It was introduced in October 2011. It has a Qwerty keypad that has been split into two parts to make space for the secondary display. The secondary display contains some apps but the keyboard was difficult to use. The whole thing looked forced and the keyboard never gave a good typing experience.

D. Siemens Xelibri 6

worst mobile phones ever created

Siemens Xelibri 6 was launched in 2003. This device just looks like a women make up kit that can be carried in a small purse. Just by looking at it for a while you can understand the group that company wanted to target. People are always busy with their work and are always on their phones. This device can be a pretty good enough to pamper themselves on the way to work or in trains.

But who wants their phones to look like a make-up kit that may don’t even fit in your pocket. So it’s strange looks and a strange keypad make it difficult to use. This is the reason that its on the list of worst mobile phones ever created.

E. Nokia N-Gage

worst mobile phones ever created

Nokia N-Gage was launched in 2003. It was a can’t say good or worst thing to think about combining a mobile phone with a gaming console. The N-Gage was discontinued in 2005 due to the failure in the sales market. This device was priced at 299usd but was not much popular in the market at it should be. Nokia designed this device as gamers used to carry a gaming device and mobile phone. When they observed this they combined both the devices together which was later known to be a great failure.

In 2004 when the device was re-designed and re-launched in the market it was again a failure. The new device was able to get 2 million units sold in two years of its launch. The N-gage and its QD model was a big failure and were not able to challenge their rival Nintendo. Due to the strange and unique design, this device is on the list of worst mobile phones ever created.

Thanks for your time on the post. These are few devices more devices will be added soon so stay connected.

Image Source: versus, everystockphoto, youtube, wikipedia.

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