Best Wireless Gaming Headset With Microphone 2019

Best Wireless Gaming Headset With Microphone 2019

Wanna play games but the regular headset not giving a brilliant gaming experience don’t worry we got your back. Here is a list of some best wireless gaming headset with microphone that will enhance your gaming experience. Headsets basically just help you listen quite better but the quality of the headsets must be brilliant as low-quality will offer low-quality experience.

Many of the gamers now days spend money to buy the best accessories available in the market to make their gaming experience better. But I would like to add that spending loads of money without knowing what to look in the perfect headset is a total waste. The most important thing looking for the best quality headphone is the extreme sound quality. Yes, sound quality matters because with the poor sound quality of a headset they will drop your gaming experience.

So you should look for a good quality sound and also comfort. Comfort matters because when you are playing games for long hours and for longer duration’s you need a high comfort providing headsets. Also, the wired stuff is long gone so you should switch to wireless for long distance gaming and best gaming experience.  For buying a wireless headset you must look for a brilliant battery back up as you would not like a headset to run of battery while playing games. So, here is a list of some best wireless gaming headset with microphone.

Best Wireless Gaming Headset With Microphone 2019|Wireless gaming headset

1. HyperX Cloud Revolver

best wireless gaming headset with microphone

Are you a serious gamer??  Then this device is just for you. This Hyper X cloud is a premium grade gear designed specially to meet the demands of elite gamer’s. Hyper X comes with a studio-grade sound stage that will let you hear further. The signature foam of Hyper X provides an awesome level of comfort for long hours of gaming.

Hyper X has is very much durable and has a reliable solid steel frame. Team speak and discord certified noise canceling mic provides a great gaming experience for playing multiplayer games. Next-gen 50mm directional drivers pump out precise audio for better sound hearing. These Next-gen drivers separate out the lows, mids, and highs to crank out precisely positioned, high-quality sound. Also, the Hyper X is multi-platform compatible.

2. Arctis Pro Wireless

best wireless gaming headset microphone

The Arctis is a truly wireless gaming audio system. This is because of the hi-res capable speaker drivers that deliver high sound and also the lossless and lag-free wireless makes this to the list. The dual wireless system is one of the best things to look at. Arctis Pro Wireless features rock solid, lossless 2.4G wireless audio for gaming, combined with Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices. You can use both the connections together or independently for maximum flexibility.

The Arctis Pro connects to a wireless transmitter station through the SteelSeries 2.4G connection. This provides lossless and ultra-low latency wireless audio with up to 40 feet of interference-free range. The exclusive dual-battery system provides excellent power to your headset. This dual-battery system allows you to keep one battery charged with one already in the headset. Each battery provides 10 hours of battery back up that is total of 20 hours.

Arctis Pro headset features premium speaker drivers with high-density neodymium magnets that reproduce Hi-Res audio out to 40,000 Hz, nearly double what most standard headsets are capable of (22,000 Hz). Also, the noise cancellation microphone provides a good gaming experience while group discussions. The next generation DTS surround sound Headphone 2.0 delivers incredibly accurate positional cues.

3. Logitech G930

best wireless gaming headset with mcrophone


The Logitech G930 comes with a high-quality Dolby 7.1 surround sound system. Dolby 7.1 sound output makes you feel that you are surrounded by sound and the sound is coming from all directions. Logitech G930 comes with seven discrete audio channels and low-frequency effects channel. Also, the Logitech G930 has rapid-burst transmission for faster transmission and provides you Agile frequency which ensures optimal performance.

The Noise-Cancelling mic is great for squad plays or your lovely duos. Logitech G930 comes with 2.4 GHz connection for lag-free gaming. The frequency response of the Logitech G930 is 20Hz to 20KHz and has a 32 Ohms impedance. Control the signal-to-noise ratio. Control in-game elements with one-touch. G-keys are conveniently located on the left ear cup. Music, hotkey macros, and more. Customize G-keys with easy-to-use Logitech Gaming Software.

The Mic allows you to be heard loud and clear without the distraction of background noise. Rotate the mic bottom up to mute there is a red indicator that will tell you that you are muted. Up to 10 hours of battery backup per charge is good and it comes with 2 battery package so you can keep as your backup for long gameplay. System requirements for the Logitech G930 are minimum windows vista and above, USB port, and the 7.1 surround sound requires software installation.

4. Astro A50

best wireless gaming headset with microphone

Introducing you to the Astro A50 that comes with a base station. The Astro A50 5GHz provides low-latency wireless gaming with solid wireless connectivity. Astro’s wireless technology delivers low-latency performance, allowing you to perfectly integrate with your gameplay. The Astro A50 provides you with three-dimensional and cinematic audio experience with the help of the 7.1 Dolby headphone surround audio.

If you are the one who loves long gaming sessions and don’t want your headset to run out of battery then this is for you. Up to 15 hours of battery life and conserve battery life when not in use. The headsets shut off when inactive but automatically powers back on when the headset detects motion. The A50 is compatible with both pc and gaming consoles. The gaming headset that is perfectly tuned for gaming which comes with a precise mic.

Precise mic provides a low noise communication and is perfectly optimized for all the gaming consoles including Mac and Pc’s. The headset is configured with Astro audio that delivers neutral, smooth, and extended frequency spectrum for detailed, true to life imaging sound experience. Adjust the ratio of game audio to voice chat with ease. Easily tweak the levels of each audio source to achieve the perfect mix.

5. Razer Nari Ultimate

best wireless gaming headset with microphone

Feel every battle with the help of Razer Nari Ultimate wireless gaming headset. A wireless PC gaming headset equipped with intelligent haptic technology developed by Lofelt™ that converts sound signals into dynamic touch-sensory feedback in real time for brilliant sound experiences.  The Razer Nari Ultimate comes with a unibody aluminum frame that is lightweight and durable to the effects of your heavy gaming. Auto adjustable headband with Swiveling ear caps provides a great level of comfort to your ears while intense and long hours of gaming sessions.

To reduce the heat build-up in cushions they are infused with cooling gel to build comfort for the longer duration of gaming. With the hidden eyewear channels the Razer Nari ultimate reduces pressure on glasses for eyewear relief and High-Density Foam with Plush Leatherette provides a perfect combination of comfort and sound isolation on rims. The game chat balance feature allows you to Fine-tune between game and chat volume for the perfect mix that lets you enjoy immersive sound without interrupting team communication.

Get lag-free, high-fidelity gaming audio with a wireless range of up to 12 meters with the 2.4GHz wireless audio connection. With the wired mode get seamless cross-platform compatibility via a 3.5 mm audio jack in wired mode. Battery life is about 8 hours with Razer Chroma lighting and HyperSense and about 20 hours without Razer Chroma lighting and HyperSense. The system requirements for this beast are first you will need an internet connection. Internet connection is required for driver installation. Also, it requires at least 500 MB of free space on the hard drive. Other requirements to use this are as follow PC with USB port; PlayStation 4 Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7.

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Final Thoughts:-

These were some information about the best wireless headset with microphone, especially for gaming. As these headphones are specifically built to meet the need of every gamer out there. Gaming is what everyone loves to do in there free time. Each gaming headset is equipped with a blast and has a unique ability.

Each headphone is designed and constructed in such a manner that they will provide you with a high level of comfort and lag-free gaming every time you are going to use them. Great built material used for each headset and are build in specially for gaming. Also, some have suitable software to customize them according to your choice of style and which suits you better. Multi-platform compatible headsets that can be used with PC’s, Xbox and PlayStations.

Some may require specific compatible systems but most of the listed above are multiplatform compatible. Headsets with a low level of comfort can not help you with long duration of gaming so these headsets are more comforting and more suitable for a longer duration of gaming. If you want for intense and longer duration we will suggest you the Razer Nari Ultimate as it is infused with cooling gel cushions to prevent heating and overall providing comfort.

So these were some of the best wireless headset with microphone hope you enjoyed the article also check out this.

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So this was all about the best wireless gaming headset with microphone for gaming 2019.

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