Top Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers With Bass 2018

Hello world. I am Abhishek and today we are going to talk about the Top best waterproof bluetooth speakers with bass 2018. There are many different kinds of speakers available in the market but every speaker does not give you a best quality of sound and battery back up. After a long time of research we have created a list of Top best waterproof bluetooth speakers with bass 2018.

Top Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers With Bass 2018

So without wasting much more time let us continue with the discussion of the new Top best waterproof bluetooth speakers with bass 2018.

1. Jbl flip 4 outdoor bluetooth speaker.

Cost :- 99$


The jbl flip 4 outdoor bluetooth speaker was released in the month of February 2017. A waterproof speaker which delivers a awesome quality of sound to the user.  The speaker consist of a battery life of almost 4 hours when the speaker is played on the maximum volume. Flip 4 bluetooth speaker is the most popular bluetooth speaker series for a various kind of different reasons associated with it. One of the best reason is the availability of such a great product at such an affordable price. A compact package of a waterproof and a good quality of sound. Buy here at low price.


2. The omaker m4 outdoor bluetooth speaker


The omaker m4 outdoor bluetooth speaker with a highly attractive and a powerful  speaker which can withstand a heavy water splashing. The speaker is also dustproof and is capable of withstanding accidental drops because of it’s hard and shockproof shell. M4 comes witha a impressive battery backup of 12 hours on a 3 hour charge.  The m4 is capable of delivering clear sounds at maximum volumes. Sound does not distort even when played at high volumes. M4 can help you to start a party for a small gathering. Buy here


3. JBL Charge 3

Price :- 160 $


JBL charge 3 is a great speaker which is well build in a sturdy manner. The speaker provides you a great and a heavy clear sound. Speaker is a little heavy but comes with a decent waterproofing even from the great splashes. Charge 3 provides you a superb battery back up and it can also work as a portable charger. The speaker comes with a 20 hour of great battery life which is very high. It can also help you to power your devices when they are running out of battery. Speaker is great build to start your own party anytime anywhere. A fully waterproof speaker with a heavy bass effect makes the speaker best at it’s range. Best buy here at low rates.


4. UE Boom – 2 Bluetooth speaker

Price 200$


UE Boom 2 bluetooth speaker is a great build which can provide you a super loud maximum sound. Speaker is good to create a musical atmosphere anywhere specially in some kind of gatherings. Speaker has a great and a colourful beautiful looking design. Beside being a little expensive  it delivers you a good quality sound. You may observe a little amount of distort of sound but only at high volumes. The speaker has a app for both android and IOS so you can control it properly. The speaker offfers you a way better version of 360° audio that is based on the original boom. Best buy here.


5. Bose Soundlink color 2 bluetooth speaker

Price 129$


Bose soundlink color is a compact and a powerful portable bluetooth speaker. The speaker delivers impressive and a great clarified sound. The next generation soundlink color is an excellent compact bluetooth speaker. Soundlink color is a water resistant but soft touch finish may attract dust and lint. The soundlink  color also has a speakerphone capabilities as well as a nice improved sound system. The price of the speaker may vary at different sites. Speaker is good to create a musical atmosphere when you are out with your friend. Best buy here.


These were :- Top best waterproof bluetooth speakers with bass 2018

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  1. in addition to your post JBL Charge 3 approximately weighs 1.76 pounds and has dimensions of 3.43 x 9.09 x 3.48 inches. Also, you don’t need to worry about your wireless speaker getting fried. You can fully submerge the Charge 3 in a meter deep of water for up to 30 minutes without damage.

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