Top 8 apps for your android smartphone.

Android as we know the most customizable and personalized technology. Now days everyone owns a android smartphone so now we will talk about the top 8 apps for your android smartphone.

1. Quick swipe.

Top 8 apps for your android smartphone.

On the first from the top 8 apps for your android smartphone is the quick swipe. A good assistant for your big screen smartphones. This a simple to use application which will never disappoint you. It is so small that it will not consume much space in your device. When you will install it you just have to give permissions and then go through a short tutorial on how to use this app. Then you are ready to rock with variety of quick swipe themes.

2. OO launcher.

Top 8 apps for your android smartphone.

OO launcher simple and easy to use. It is stylish and cool with huge level of personalization and coustomization. The variety of themes and wallpapers with diy desktop. It is about 24mb but is handy and easy to use. It has variety of supporting themes and icon packs and much more. With built in usefull tools and much more you can do a large no. Of things with it so rock on.

3. Super Atomic.

Top 8 apps for your android smartphone.

A great time killer game for any age group. Looks easy but its quite difficult. It comes with the dubstep trance music as background. The game will drive you crazy with mind boggling illusions. All who have ever tried of playing hard level games will love this game a lot. Each new level of game requires quick reflexes and super fast decision. The game is fulfilled with neon lights and dubstep music. The speed of the game increases as you reach on new level.

4. Google camera.

Top 8 apps for your android smartphone.

It welcomes you to the next level of photography in your old handset. The one who cant afford a dslr can use this app. This app gives you the same background blur effect as you get in the dslr. Also with panaroma effect, photo sphere and lens blur. It also gives you blur effect for selfies so enjoy and rock your world wit this app.

5. Darkops AMOLED wallpaper.

Top 8 apps for your android smartphone.

A great app is you love adding wallpapers. This app will provide you image of 4k resolution and much more. By one click wallpaper setup and a huge gallery for making a good choice. With availability of different resolution wallpaper you can also make your own free wallpaper list and remember this app is fully free to use. Universal app install on any device with AMOLED display and see the magic. The app consumes less battery as the wallpapers does not take much from the LEDs. It also requires very less space as it has a sive of almost 5mb so install and have fun.

6. Dream league soccer.

Top 8 apps for your android smartphone.

Everyone loves soccer this is the game for all the soccer lovers. It cannot beat fifa as it is really high on world already but the one who will play this will fall in love with the game. Creat your own team, your own stadium. Train your team and match against different teams from across the country. Buy new players and unlock new achievement. The game comes with a high level of graphics which you can not resist once you started playing this you will be addicted to it.

7. ToolWiz photos.

Top 8 apps for your android smartphone.

As the name tells a great app for editing and photoshoots. The apps comes with a lot of features packed in just one app. It includes prisma, insta fit, various editing tool and options you will definetly love. Its handy and easy to use with out being a pro you can edit your photos in such a way that everyone would love. It also comes with a photo locker in which you can hide your screet photos and videos rather then downloading any other app for it.  Install and drive the world crazy with your pics. The app is suitable for the people who are crazy for editing and wants to be more creative.

8. Dead target.

Top 8 apps for your android smartphone.

A game that will help you kill your time and also kill the walking dead around you. Just jump into the battle with the dead walking all around you kill them as a pro. High level of adventure and killer graphics will make you fall in love with tha game. A variety of weapons and this is the best 3d first person shooter game you will get in the market. Install and have a fun.

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