Top 5 unique android apps and games you must try.

There are about millions of applications available for androids but how you can know they are unique. We have listed below the top 5 unique android apps and games you must try.

So here are the top 5 unique android apps and games you must try.

1. Fps gun camera 3d.

A real app that will give you a real view of first person shooting games. The app connects with your camera and gives you a real experience of fps. The app on start up asks for permission just grant it what it wants. Then after that the screen will apear showing a message. Message will be simple connecting to camera. After the app has finished connecting fps type screen where you can zoom in and out, touch to shoot and can do a lot more so have fun.

2. Tsf shell 3d launcher.

A highly customizable 3d launcher that can give you an exicting 3d ui from your boring orignal ui. With various transation effects and much more you can customize it as u want. The launcher comes with some cool widgets which you can directly install from the google play store or any other app store. There is a large collection of beautiful and awesome themes. What else you can expe from this a beautiful and smooth ui plus a highly personalized home screens so install and have fun.

3. Unique controls.

Unique control is a smart and a cool app that you will love to use. The app provides you an easy way by which you can easily control your phone. The phone comes with two types of options by which you can easily excess your notifications, play and pause music, and cotrol much more things on your device. The second option comes with  some advance features which you can initiate by just long pressing on the bottom of your screen. As you press three navigation buttons will appear and above them will be your notification with time date and much more. So install and i promise you will not feel disappointed with the response.

4. Loopsie – cinemagraph, living photo.

Loopsie is a extra ordinary camera app that helps you to click cinemagraph type photos. Cinemagraph photos are those photos in which some objects are still and the rest in the background are moving. It does not involve any rocket science just some permissions. After granting all the permission you just have to click a photo than edit it. When you edit the photo the part of photo you select starts moving. It is just like a photo with a animation background. So install and have fun with your own loopsie.

5. Dumpster.

So the last application of today is the dumpster. Dumpster is just a recycle bin which has two phase pf deleting the photos. One from the gallery and other from the app. So let me make it clear for you as you might delet some of the useful photos from your gallery dont worry. As you delete the photos there are there in the dumpster so you can restore them in your gallery. It also provides you a locker that can hide your personal photos ya right.

Thnx and hope you find it helping…..!!!

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