Top 5 New Features Of iPhone x

Welcome back to the randomclickzz. I am Abhishek and today we are going to talk about the Top 5 new features of iPhone x. Talks on this phone are really high. So here we have the list of Top 5 new features of iPhone x.

Top 5 New Features Of iPhone x

As we know iPhone x is also known as iPhone 10. The phone is full of new and cool features that you will love by heart. Here is a list of some of the cool and awesome features that will make you fall in love with this phone. Also the new iPhone is also called as the future of the mobile phones. Without wasting time lets go straight to the Top 5 new features of iPhone x.

1. iPhone x full body sharp display


iPhone x as we have seen in pictures features a full body OLED display with more then around 2 million pixels. When we are talking about so many pixels it means a better text display for reading, better video play back and also much more to with the display. The screen of iPhone x runs edge to edge of the body so that you can have a bigger viewing area and also you can say bye to those big screen phones that are difficult to carry.


2. iPhone x facial recognition


So this is the new and an awesomely security feature that apple has installed in the new iPhone x. This function involves registering your face in the phone and then you can open the phone easily by just looking at it. Apple says this feature is more secure then any other as it uses 3-D imagery. Also apple added that the new technology is so secure that it can not be fooled by a professional mask of your face and is a lot more secure then fingerprint sensors.


3. iPhone x animoji


Apple has added something new to those old emojis whuch basically ties up with the facial recognition technology. The team have developed new Animoji that will help you to creat a short film of your own emotions and send them to your friends and family as emoji. With the help of the new facial recognition you will get the exact kind of emoji which resembles exact to the emotion made by you.


4. Wireless charging in iPhone x


The wireless technology was launched years ago but the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone x are the first to use. These new launches by apple are the first to use this technology. The standard for wireless charging apple has choosed is tipically slow. Also apple added by saying that the team is working on the perfection of wireless technology and it will be much faster when it launches.


5. Brand new cameras in iPhone x


The new apple iPhone x has a new well developed camera of 12-megapixel with a wide angel lense and a second telephoto lense for zooming. Apple says that there are lot of improvements in the camera and the new camera will be much better then iPhone 7. Also we are expected to see less shacky videos and improvement of pictures in low light. The new iPhone have a front facing true depth camera is capable of taking those fancy portrait shots that will create a blurry background images that looks like taken by professionals.


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