Top 5 games that will drive you crazy.

Hello so you are here today to check the top 5 games that will drive you crazy. These games shown below are those games that will play tricks on your mind. Some of the games given below are good for mind exercise. Now without wasting time lets go through the top 5 games that will drive you crazy.

Top 5 games that will drive you crazy.

1. Piano tiles.

The game piano tiles is good for begineers who want to train there hand eye coordination. The games is simple and easy. It comes with about 700+ songs from greatest singers. All new challenges that will really derive you crazy. Game comes witha a purplish theme which you can change and set according to you. Also the game play of piano tiles is very simple just tap on the black tiles. Speed of the tiles will increase as you level up. So download and challenge your friends and lets see who wins.

2. Brain dots.

Second on our list is the oldest and the toughest game to beat brain dots. Brain dots is a simple game that start becoming tough as you move to higher levels. The game is simple you just have to connect 2 dots or move one dot from one place to another using the pencil. When the game starts tap the play button then a simple theme with white background and a dot will appear. Now just draw some lines to connect dots or move it to its designated place. So download it and challenge others to become a champion.

3. Brain games.

Brain games as it says by the name. We know as we go to gym for body training our mind also needs training. Brain games comes with a set of 32 games evenly devided to train every aspect of your brain. Main focus of the game is ypur mathematical , memory, concentration, visual memory, speed, calculation. Train on these games and increase plus improve your performances and brain power. Practice test are also kept to have short result of your daily performance. Play and unlock new achievements and challenges. The game supports about 8 languages around the world. So download and compete among the players around the world.

Top 5 games that will drive you crazy.

4. 100 doors brain teasers 1, 2.

Top 5 games that will drive you crazy.

As the name says you just have to open some doors and escape through the rooms. But the difficulty is that the opening of doors depends upon you. The gates open when you use your brain to solve the puzzles and the clues. You also get some items that you can collect and keep them in your inventory. There are about 50+ doors in part one and you get 50+ more doors in part 2. The game is improved on the concept of can you escape the 100 doors. Looks easy right but not it is not as easy as you think. The difficulty increases as you move on new levels and there is much more to do than this. So download and enjoy the game….

Top 5 games that will drive you crazy.

5. Skilzz – logical game.

Top 5 games that will drive you crazy.

So here you come to the last game of today that is skilzz. Skilzz is a brain game developed to improve and enhance your memory, attention, accuracy, logic, skillss. The game helps you to improve your hand eye coordination and also you can play the game for enhancement of your body reflexes. One of the heighest rated game of the year that will really derive you crazy. Each level of the game tests your each and every skill to the epic level of difficulty. After you pass each and every level of the game your result will be calculated upon the points of 1 – 5 and you are rewarded on the basis of your scores..

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