Top 5 gadgets to use with your workout.

Top 5 gadgets to use with your workout.

Top 5 gadgets to use with your workout. Everyone is using gadgets in there daily life. So i have gathered some of the greatest new inventions which you can use with your workouts at gym or when you are at just swimming, cycling or any other game you play. So here are the top 5 gadgets to use with your workout.

5. Smart Rope Pure.

Smart rope is the new form of your ordinary skipping rope just reinvented. Just turn on the rope by pressing the button on the rope handle. You can pair the rope with the advance fitness app that cames along with the rope so by that you can track your jumps, calorie count and much more. The rope comes with the adjustable rope size, transparent design and accurate measuring sensors. It runs on battery but has a long period of long battery life just charge it for 2 hours and use it for about 45 days. Smart rope stores data about your 100 workouts. So get it and play hard.

4. H20pal smart bottel hydration tracker.

Water an essential element of our life that we require in our every workout weather we are at gym or in pools or we are juat cycling. This smart water bottle technology helps you to track and improve your water intake. The water bottle gives you timely notifications through out your day so you that you say hydrated all the day. All your data is synchronization and safe. Set with the android or ios app or connect with the fitbit techs you own. It includes battery that lasts almost 4 months so what are you waiting for get yours now.

3. Finis Neptune.

All of us love music no matter what we are doing. No matter what kind of workout we are doing we are at the gym, cycling or even swimming finis neptune is going to provide you the best quality music everywhere. The device uses bone conduction audio technology so you dont need earbuds with this. Just put it on with your goggles or any eye wear and rock your world with the greatest quality music delivered to you. The device gives you 8 hrs of battery backup so work hard.

2. Beast tracker.

Not just beast by the name but by the work to. The beast tracker comes with an accelerometer and a wrist band. The accelerometer can be attached by the qrist band on your wrist or just attach it with the weights. The device is connected with a app on your smartphone. Just choose the workout you are doing turn it on wait for the countdown of 10 seconds to get over and start your workout. The tracker tracks your power with each rep so you can see clearly what wrong are you doing or what you need to improve so try the beast.

1. Skulpt aim.

All the above tracked your movement but this device is going to tell you how much your workout is effecting you. The device comes with a charging platform that runs with a usb. At the back sensors are placed by which you can track your workout progress effectively. What you have to do is just connect the device with your handset and place the device on the body part you want to examine and it will show you the results. The device takes about 15 mins to connect with your handset and then opens up with a user guide which i suggest you must read. Proper placement of the device is very important for the effective results. So have a good luck with your skulpt aim.

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Top 5 gadgets to use with your workout.


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