Top 5 awesome action games of 2017.

Today we are going to talk about the top 5 awesome action games of 2017. There are seriously millions of games present in the world. From those millions of games we have gathered a list of top 5 awesome action action games of 2017. So let’s start.

Top 5 awesome action games of 2017.

So here we start you will get a short review about these games so that you can choose thr best one which you would love to play.

5. Resident Evil – Biohazard.

Resident evil 7 or resident evil – biohazard comes with a amazing sound design and a genuinely terrifying graphics. With the superb voice acting across the board and a stellar visuals. Game has an extreme high quality layout with a extremely good quality graphics. The game is available for playing on ps4, xbox one, pc. Go and take some extreme risks with a long running horror series. Has the strongest atmosphere then all the series of the resident evil. Puzzles in the game must be disappointing as they are far far easy but have a brilliant gameplay. If you are playing the ps4 version of resident evil then you can use the play station VR handset to play the game. So go get yours.

4. Prey.

Prey offers you one of the best gameplay and a brilliant gaming environments of the gaming history and as said by the developers the game is build on it’s sophisticated plus excited and an unusually entertaining gameplay. The game is a master piece of the science – fiction genres. After playing this game you will experince and view an eye catching story line and grat script writing. For a game, so concerned with the futurism, it is ironic that the prey feels like you are trapped in past. You can play the game on various platforms including win, xbox one, ps4. So go get your’s.

3. Hell blade.

Hell blade comes with awesome, dark, tense experience of game play. The human chracter or say the main chracter gives you an awesome and cool performance that you are really going to love. Game has an awesome and a sexy graphic design. Story of the game is full of sadness, fear and loss. A great work by developers for the destoration of sounds and visuals for the great effect of terrifying and frightning graphucs. No tutorials and no minimpas how it feels scary right what ever you see is real and terrifying. Giving you an experience of real tension. This is a master class of story telling, atmosphere and a merit of mechanical and conceptual design. This is the game that everyone should play.

2. Ghost Recon : wildlands.

Ghost recon : wildlands is a game that i recommend you to play. The game contains a high amount of good and awesome graphucs. It revolves around the map of South America with a huge amount of 20 different places. Each place of the game has a new and a different boss and a different hidden weapons. Game is full of various kinds of vehicles like bikes, cars, trucks and choppers which are quiet difficult to control but are presented in a brilliant new way. You got an extreme high choice of weapons list to choose from. There are different and various kinds of weapons including snippers. So go get yours.

1. Law breakers.

An extreme and exciting game to have fun around while playing. The excitment of the game is quiet high and starts as soon as you enter in the fight. There are about 18 various chracters each having its own special ability. You can discover the new abilities as soon as you cross levels and reach on new levels. Maximum amount of fights occurs in the air rather then on grounds. What is greater then flying around the areas with jetpacks or swinging around just like spiderman. A game with high quality graphics and a great gameplay. So go and get yours.

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Top 5 awesome action games of 2017.

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