Top 5 Apps For Students In Play Store

Hello it’s Abhishek today we are going to talk about Top 5 Apps For Students In Play Store. As there are many apps available in the playstore. Some of the apps are really great but some are really useless. So we have created a list of Top 5 Apps For Students In Play Store. 

Top 5 Apps For Students In Play Store

This apps are good and unique for students. The collection of these apps is based on user rating and reviews. So read enjoy. Here we start with Top 5 Apps For Students In Play Store.

5. Google Translate


Google translate app allowed two peoples to speak other languages by just touching a button to change the language detection mode. By this app you can convert any type of language very simply. This means when you will start using this app you can easily understand and talk to others. That is you can talk with anyone anytime.


4. Speech Notes


Speech notes can helps you to convert any type of lecture into text. Anyone who is sick of key typing may find speech notes useful. It was helpful for those having difficulties in typing. You can easily convert difficult notes of lectures into notes using this application.


3. Photo Math


Photo math app helps you to solve any kind of maths equation. You can just scan your equation and this app find your answer. Also share your equation with your friends for helping them. This is a real quick and a simple app that will just allow you to sopve difficult math problems just simply.


2. CAM Scanner


By this app you can convert any photo to PDF file. In this app you can get many options like rotate, filters and zoom. This is very intresting app you can get any of your images into PDF. You can automatically adjusts contrast and angles so you have professional looking documents. The result is scanned documents that is extremely professional and clean.


1. PDF Converter


This app convert any type of files into PDF. From this app you can also convert browse images, clipboard, files, clouds services, messages, mail and contacts. Application alows you to scan the lenthy documents and convert them into pdf files when ever you want.


So these were some of the useful apps that students may love to use. These were the Top 5 Apps For Students In Play Store.

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