Top 4 Awesome New Gadgets

Hello guys it’s Abhishek again and today we are going to talk about the Top 4 awesome new gadgets that you may own in furture. Guys literally the advancement in technology is leading to the discovery of bew technology everyday. Here today we have a list of five useful and cool gadgets that you may use. So let’s start with the Top 4 awesome new gadgets.

Top 4 Awesome New Gadgets

So guys the list you are going to view is just all about the Top 4 awesome new gadgets. It is just a short review with some of the details about those gadgets. Have fun and enjoy reading today’s post about the Top 4 awesome new gadgets.

1. Rif6 cube


Rif6 cube acts just like a small and a portable light weight projector. This small looking cube allows you to enjoy your videos, pictures and other shows on a 120″ screen that the cube creates. The cube is small and light weight that makes it easy to take with you where ever you go. You can project the images on the near by walls and have fun with your friends and family. It can also be used to give some presentation or watch your favorite youtube videos or a movie, show from Netflix. Gives a clear and a brighter image despite of it’s size.


2. Divoom voombox


Divoom voombox is a portable music player. This device delivers a awesome sound quality compared to those that comes in the same price range. The voombox connects with your device smartly with the Bluetooth and delivers an astonishing quality of sound. Also the voombox is water resistant so you can take it with you where ever you go in beaches to the jamming session. Voombox provides you a good quality sound with a good battery life. Device is good for using in small parties, jamming sessions, while you are around with your friends in summer’s or doing any other activity. Have fun with this anytime.


3. TrackR stickR


TrackR stickR is a cool and one of the greatest device that you should use. We all get worried whenever we are not able to locate our wallet, keys or even our mobile phone. So here is the solution for your problem trackr stickr. A sticker that is so small that you can tie it up with your wallet or keys and find them using your device. The work of the sticker is simple just use the compatible app on your ios or Android device. The sticker makes a beeping sound when ever searched also you can find your handset even in the silent mode using this device. So say bye bye to loosing your keys or wallet.


4.  LogitechG900 Chaos Spectrum Wireless Gaming Mouse


Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Wireless Gaming Mouse is the best and the first choice for the gamers. This is the best mouse available in the market. The mouse have a great and a awesome looking design. Also with a led light that can be set to whatever colur you like. Mouse is a wireless device and runs on charging. Once charged it can give us a battery backuo of 30 hours on a single charge. Cool and a comfertable device for shooting or any other games. So go get yours for playing your favourite games.



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