Top 10 features of miui 9.

So mi has came with his biggest new update called miui 9. As by the news from the mi community miui 9 will be lightning fast and much much better then the older versions available. Miui is released and you may get its update in your handset soon. Now without wasting much time lets get started to the top 10 features of miui 9.

Top 10 features of miui 9.

So here is the first feature from the list of top 10 features miui 9.

1. Quick switch.

Quick switch is on the list today as it is very useful and helpful for everyone out there. In this feature you can easily switch between two used apps in the background. For example if you are using chrome and in the background you have another app just tap the home button twice to switch in between the two apps. So this was the first feature from top 10 features of miui 9.

2. Split screen multi tasking.

So here is the new and my favorite update split screen multi tasking. In this feature you can access two your two favourite apps simultaneously. You just have to hold and drag the two apps you want to use.

3. app icon change and animation.

So when you will update to miui 9 you will able to see new default app icons with some new animations which were not present early.

4. App movement.

This means early when you have to move apps you have to hold and drag the app to the corner of the screen but now when you will hold the app you will be able to directly transfer the app to the home screen you want. As you will get all your home screen minimized at the bottom. You can multi select apps and move them together.

5. My device.

My device is the new version of about phone. As early when you move to the settings we were getting an option of about phone but in miui 9 there is no such function. With miui 9 when you will open settings on the top you will get an option of my device. In my device you will be able to each and every detail of your handset.

6. Swipe up to search.

Top 10 features of miui 9.

When you are on the home screen just swipe up to open the search menu and there you can search your apps or anything you want to search for. Also from the home screen if you swipe to the right you will be able to acess smart assistant mode.

7. Volume control.

So on miui 9 there is the change in the volume control panel as they have added a silent mode feature. Also there is a dnd feature by which you can select the time for how long your silent mode should be activated.

8. Secret battery saver.

Its not a app it is just a name. In miui 9 when you will open the settings and access the battery settings you will se this feature. By this feature your phone will drain less battery on stand by mode. For example when you are sleeping at night you can turn on this feature and have a good battery backup.

9. App opening time.

So in miui 9 you will be able to see that the apps you use will be opening much faster as compared to miui 8 or any other versions. Also miui 9 users will be able to render videos faster then previous versions.

10. Lock screen enhancement.

When you will see your lock screen it will look similar to the previous versions of rom. But on the lock screen when you will swipe left you can access all the mi apps your device is connected through and also now there is a toggle button available for torch off or on.

So here is the end of the list of top 10 features of miui 9.

These were :- the top 10 features of miui 9.

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