Best Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools For 20181

Best Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools For 2018

In today’s world, mobile app developing is a very fast growing industry. Anyone in the world who wants to boost their business is looking forward to build apps to reach more people out there. If I take you few years back we had no choice except coding it. At present, we can utilize cross-platform mobile application development tools that provide the same functionality as that of native apps. In today’s topic we are going to discuss about best cross platform mobile app development tools.

Best Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools For 2018

This list includes some of the best and free cross-platform mobile app development tools that any developer can use immediately for his work. Also if you are a developer these apps prevent you to rarely drop lots of cash for your ideas

Phone Gap By Adobe

Phone gap also known as Apache Cordova is an open source set of device APIs that allow developed applications to access specific, native device functions across a variety of device platforms. Phone Gap powers the build process for most free cross-platform mobile application development tools, and many that aren’t free, for that matter. With the help of Cordova APIs and the cross-platform plug-ins can help developers to easily build there apps and code them using CSS3, HTML5, and Java Web languages. Those languages are locally hosted in the app and are available at various platform. Also, the developers can use a single codebase to create an app that runs on various platforms. You may need to use some of the third-party caching and graphic acceleration for your apps as the apps developed on this platform are usually slow. This platform provides you a backup of a variety of plug in that can help you to create a well performing app using various coponents.


Best Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools For 2018

Appcelerator is another cross-platform development tools that focuses on speeding up the time to develop, deploy and test the funtionality of your app. It additionally uses javascript programming as a coding mechanism for its apps and supports real-time mobile analytics. Code used here implies that you can use the same code to create apps for various platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and also the HTML5 and hybrid apps. This platform is considered to be the best choice for rapid development if the developer has a deep expertise in Sencha


Best Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools For 2018 Sencha’s main product for expertise users in Ext js which is fairly like react native in terms of functionality. Developers can use it to create apps in HTML5 with the re-usability of custom component and also convert them into cross-platform with Adobe phone gap. The HTML5 can allow apps created with this platform to run on browsers and mobile devices. The native application packager manages the distribution of apps on Google Play store and Apple store.


Best Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools For 2018 The developers using SAP can have two options for building there cross-platform apps. First they can use Agentry which is a metadata-driven application and the second one is hybrid web pages. With the version #.0 of this platform enterprise apps can be build using a single HTML5 codebase.  Also the company has allied itself with Cordova which gives massive benefits  to the users of SAP. The developers can leverage lot of SAP fiori apps for mobile and desktop both and later they can use cordova to optimize them for mobile usage. Thanks for your time. Here we discussed abut some of the best cross platform mobile app development tools that are available in the market. These tools are great for developers who want to create a app regarding their business to boost profits. Apps build using these cross platform tools are capable of running on various operating systems available in the market.

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