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Top 5 Best Pubg accessories For Easy Chicken Dinner

Hello everyone hope you are having a great day and here today I am going to make your day more awesome by providing you something that you will love. So hope you are enjoying your life and playing pubg for greater fun. Are you getting irritated by losing again and again? Don’t worry here are some awesome pubg accessories that can help you with chicken dinner easily. 

Having pro players all around you in pubg is something that all of us don’t really enjoy. So here are some of the best pubg accessories for mobile that will take you to the chicken dinner easily. Although your skills are also one important thing to combine with these and win easily using these pubg accessories. So, let’s get started with these pubg accessories and give you a flight ticket to easy chicken dinners.

pubg accessories | Best pubg accessories for mobile


5. Mobile Joystick

pubg accessories for mobile

So the first accessories that you can use with pubg mobile is a mobile joystick. There are various kinds of mobile joysticks that are available in the market. You have to choose accordingly to your budget. The mobile joystick is awesome as they make you easily control your game and character. Without the mobile joystick sometimes we are not able to get proper control and may slip. To avoid the situations of slipping and getting out of control mobile joystick is the best option as they are very useful.

The controller that we are talking about or I am going to provide you is easy to use, cheap and compatible with both iOS and Android. This controller is easy to install and takes just a few minutes to get started. Highly portable as they come in a carry pouch that you can take anywhere and will cost you around 4.49$ only is you go by the link given below.


4. Gaming Trigger or Button Trigger

pubg accessories for mobile

Gaming Trigger or Button trigger is another main accessory for the pubg mobile. This gadget provides you the ability to easily aim and fire while moving around. This is one of the best accessories that every pubg mobile player is using. It provides you easy mobility and shooting power. Designed for games on iPhone and Android, Pubg, Fortnite, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Battle Royale, Critical Ops.

This device just takes 2-3 minutes for installation. Once installed it is easy to use and is compatible with both iPhone’s and Android devices. You just have to attach these two triggers on the top of the screen. After that open setting in pubg and adjust your buttons according to your choice. As you finish setting up just get in the arena and play like other pro players. You can buy this from the link given below. This is easy to install, provides you with six finger control and is cheap.


3. Baseus MVP Gaming USB Cable

pubg accessories for mobile

You must be thinking a how a USB cable is related to and what is this doing in the list. So let’s suppose a situation you are playing pubg or any of your favorite game on your device and you get a notification of a low battery. The usual charger that we use are straight and are uncomfortable to hold while playing games. With this USB cable, you can easily hold your phone and play while charging your device. It comes in a simple USB format and a type-c variant. There are two color variants available to choose from and length options are also available that can help you.

Another reason to choose this was it is made up of high-quality fishing line, TPE and nylon materials, prevent the cable from winding, durable and is not easy to break. Elbow charging interface design, which does not block the hand when you are charging your mobile phone and playing a game. So this is a good option to use as it provides easy way to charge and play at same time.

2. Mobile Phone Grip

pubg accessories for mobile

So here is the second accessory to use while playing games. The mobile phone grip helps you to hold your device comfortably. The one we are going to talk about is the F1 Grip. We chose this controller because it comes with an attached joystick. There are many variants available in the market but this one is better because this is really special. with the attached joystick you can easily control your character in any game. This is compatible with all the touchscreen devices available in the market. The telescopic boom design of this gadget allows adapting any screen size of any smartphone. 

The handle grip has an ergonomic design and gives a comfortable feeling to relax your hand. Keeps away the fatigue for the long-time gaming. With the conductive material, stick-on joystick gives players the great physical manipulation, providing precise controlling on the in-game characters, and can deal easier with more complex positioning. The joystick comes along with a unique swing arm design. Also, you can install it on the right or the left side for your hand preference it is up to you. Perfect for any game that has an on-screen control pad such as Pubg games, Fortnite, Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, FIFA, Dragon Nest SEA, GTA and etc.

1. Gamesir G3S Bluetooth Gaming Controller

pubg accessories for mobile

This controller is something that can really help you to win easily. We chose this because it is compatible with a lot of devices available in the market. Here is a list of some of those devices compatible with wireless or USB wired Connection – Compatible with Android 4.0 and up smartphone, Tablets, Smart TV, Samsung Gear VR and PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10, PS3. So this also one of the reasons to chose this. Also the built-in bracket design you are able to adjust at two angles. Analog sticks have 360-degree positioning with ultra-accuracy. The button life is more than 2 million times. The trigger adopts of metallic design, with dazzling shape, avoid slippery when sweating.

Talking about the battery life Chargeable battery can last 10 hours for Max Power while 30 hours for Min Power, standby time can last at least 12 months. The changeable position of D-pad & the left joysticks, Play the games in the way you like. Adjustable vibration intensity allows you to have a real feedback in different scenes of games. So these are some of the main reason to chose this on the list. It is easy to use and here I will explain how to connect this to your device.

First, you have to install an app named octopus from the play store. Then connect this controller with your device with the Bluetooth and open the application. After that, you will see the games that are compatible to play with a controller. In the list look for pubg and open the game. Customize the buttons according to your choice from the settings that will pop up before the game runs. After that, you are completely ready to go for a chicken dinner.

So, these are the best pubg accessories for pubg mobile. We discussed about some of the best that can help you a lot. Hope you loved the article thanks for your time.

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