best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

Best Fitness tracker With Heart Rate Monitor 2018

Fitness is one of the major goal of a lot of persons out there. Believe me there are lot of fitness trackers available in the market but the one about which we are going to discuss is the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor. If you like to monitor your heart rate after a long jog or a cycling trip these would be good for you.

Tracking your witness when coming out of the gym or while running a marathon or just after a jog is a very good idea. The fitness market all over the world is filled with various types of fitness trackers but not all are capable of monitor your heart rate. Although the market is full of various types of fitness trackers but we are not interested in all we are interested in the best so here are some of the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor. The function of these trackers in to track your fitness at a best possible rate.

Best Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor 2018 | Some of The Best Fitness Trackers

Fitbit Charge 2

 best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

Fitbit Charge 2 comes with PurePulse Heart Rate that helps you to track your heart rate continuously on your wrist to maximize your workouts and help you to track the calories burned. All this in a small device removing the need of the uncomfortable chest strap. Track each and every step you take with the amount of distance you traveled. With the 5-day battery backup, you can keep record of every hourly activity you did and amount of calories you burned.The reminder to stay active throughout the day encourage you to take 250 steps every hour. This tracker automatically tracks your sleep duration and consistency and also wakes up easily with a silent alarm.

The new heart rate, charge 2 shows your time in light and clearly help you understand your sleep quality very well. With the multisport mode track specific exercise to see all your work up stats on display. With the help of GPS connectivity keep eye on the distance travel and a map route of our post-workout, It also records exercises like biking, sports and many more so you can track them even if you forget to add them. Powered by PurePulse you can get a better understanding on improving your fitness level. With the guided breathing session you can do much more also it is lot smarter than others. you can see call text and message alerts directly on your watch and with the customizable clock faces you can choose your clock display based on your stats.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

 best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is another one of its kind fitness trackers. This water-resistant device can go with your swimming laps to your direct showers. Whenever you choose swimming this device keeps the record of all the stats and display them to you in easy and simple summaries to help you understand easily. With support from the world’s first 24/7 connected health and fitness system to track sleep, fitness, activity, and nutrition in just a single device.

Gear fit2 Pro automatically detects and logs the activity you are doing to keep the track of heart rate continuously throughout the day to help you with your fitness decisions. Also with the built-in GPS, you can keep a record on your location and with the support of the Spotify app you can listen to music via WI-FI or play your playlists in offline mode. Availability of colors allows you to choose the right fit for you at the work or at the gym. With the availability of various apps, you customize your gear fit 2 according to yourself easily.


 best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

A sleek and sporty water-resistant fitness tracker that looks stylish but stays active to monitor your fitness all time. The device that continuously monitors your heart rate and tracks your sleep duration smartly to help you with your fitness decisions. With the 24/7 heart rate monitor in the Polar A37,0 you can see how your heart behaves in your daily activities. Also, you can keep track on the number of calories burned during the workout and it also reveals your lowest and highest heart rate during the daily activity. With polar’s advanced sleep analysis tracker helps you to monitor your sleep and make you expert with that.

Sleep plus gives you valuable insights of your sleep automatically by recording the amount and quality of sleep so that you can manage it in your own way and get the best out of the night.  You can always stay connected as the smart notification features help you to stay connected with your mobile phone even if you don’t have time to look at your phone.  With the GPS connectivity, Polar A370 keeps the track of your pace and distance and records your workout route for further assistance. You can also see the notification of incoming calls, messages, social media and calendar appointments right on the screen.

Vivosmart 3

 best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

The Vivosmart 3 comes with some of the major fitness monitoring tools like VO2 max, fitness age and strength training. Vivosmart helps you to monitor your wellness by tracking your all day stress level and helps you with the relaxation-based breathing timer. With the battery life of upto 5 days, you can keep track of your fitnesss every minute. The heart rate technology from Elevate™ wrist heart rate technology it monitors your heart rate 24/7 to help you with your fitness. It also keeps the record of the number of steps taken by you all day long and also counts the number of floors you climbed. You can also measure the number of calories burned, intensity minutes and also keeps track of your sleep duration and consistency.

Also, it is waterproof so it safe for both swimming and shower. With the reps calculater, this device can easily calculate your reps, the number of sets to help you with your gym. Also, all the data gets synchronized on the Garmin connect so you can review it later. You can view emails, text messages and social network notifications right on your wrist. Activity tracker automatically syncs to Garmin Connect. An online community where you can review your progress, join challenges and even share via social media.


 best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

The Nokia steel HR is the perfect device for you as it tracks your all-day activities.  Steel HR is a smart activity tracker as it automatically recognizes the activity you are doing. There are various activities that it an recognized from walking, running to swimming or even sleeping. Steel HR can recognize more than 10 activities for you to help with your fitness. Water resistant up to 50m to help you with your swimming.

It connects easily with your device and shows notification of calls and messages directly on the face so you can stay connected. Steel HR connects to the free Nokia Health Mate app so you can see trends, join wellness programs, and improve over time. One of the best thing of this watch is the battery life it can keep on running for 25 days on just a single charge. So don,t miss any beat of your fitness with this device. Monitors your heart by taking the readings around the clock to give a holistic view of your heart. With the help of continuous heart rate monitoring, you can get even better reports.

These were the  best fitness tracker with the heart rate monitor of 2018. Here today we discussed about some of the  best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor available in the market.

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