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Best 5 Console Gaming Chair For Adults 2019

0Welcome back gamers so today we have one more interesting topic to discuss. Choosing to play games as a career you may need the best console gaming chair for better and immersive gaming experience every time. Here today we have the best 5 console gaming chair for adults 2019. 

If you are the one who has a lot of passion for gaming and wants to make gaming enjoyable for every single time you are going to play it. You are in the right place today as we are going to discuss something that is going to make your gaming experience better. As the title says best 5 console gaming chair for adults but these are not just for adults if you are passionate about gaming and want immersive gaming experience this is for you. So, from my side, I have a question for you; What you can do to prevent deriving zero satisfaction from what you are so passionate about?

The answer:
It is a lot more simple then you think. It might be if we take gaming in this case you need a good setup or just an average one that you are already using to play your favorite games. With the proper setup, you need a proper and comfortable sitting arrangement for playing games. So, these console gaming chairs are going to provide you with that don’t worry about that now. Not just this will provide you the comfort you want plus point is that they also have some good features that will contribute to making your gaming experience better.

In today’s article, we are not just going to list the name of the chairs along with them we are going to tell you about much more things. One more important thing that I would like to tell you do not confuse PC gaming chair with console gaming chair as they both are different. In fact, these console gaming chairs come with specific features that can help you to focus on gaming while being comfortable at the same time.

Best 5 Console Gaming Chair For Adults 2019 | console gaming chairs 2019

So, talking specifically about the console gaming chairs today we are going to discuss:-

  • Features
  • Design
  • Pros and Cons

1. X Rocker Pro Series H3  4.1 Sound console gaming chair (#51259)

best console gaming chair for gaming

The X Rocker Pro Series comes with a durable and easy to clean (your accidentally spilled liquids) vinyl seating surface. The 4.1 wireless surround audio output with subwoofer and vibrational feedback is going to provide you better gaming experience. The chair is just type of an audio gaming wireless chair which has responsive vibrational feedback to provide you brilliant gaming experience.

The material used for this rocker chair is some wood and metal frame that is nicely covered with the padded vinyl for comfortable sitting. With the help of the build in vibration motors and the good audio output, the chair let the player feel the briefest detail of the game. This console gaming chair serves as all in one for most purposes as it is compatible with a lot of devices. Rocker pro is just not limited only for connecting with the gaming consoles but you can also connect your TV, CD, DVD, and Blu-ray with support to connect with iPad and iPhone as well.

So here are a few pros and cons of this chair:-

Starting with Pros:-

  • Compatible with most gaming devices including PS4 and Xbox 1 plus the options for connecting with TV, CD, etc.
  • Cord powered through an electrical outlet with a battery to run the wireless TV.
  • Comes with a Built-in wireless receiver.
  • Connect with multiple chairs for the ultimate gaming experience


Some Cons:-

  • High Price and a high-end chair for experienced gamers
  • Bluetooth connectivity unavailable but has a headphone jack
  • Bulky which makes it harder to move from one place to another
  • May like to have a roller-base added to this chair


The X rocker pro series is one of the best console gaming chair. This chair provides you cool and some awesome feature. Best thing is that the hectic vibrational feedback provides you immersive and a cool gameplay feeling. The padded vinyl on the wooden and metal frame provides great look and comfort plus the best part is that vinyl is easily cleanable so you do not have to worry much. Also, the chair can be folded for storing somewhere in the storeroom. Powerful bass and sound quality lets you experience even the small clash of a sword to a big boom. With the multiple chair connectivity feature, you can achieve an ultimate gaming experience and complete satisfaction of playing with console gaming chair for gaming.

2. Playseat Challenge NASCAR Edition console gaming chair

console gaming chair for gamers

The playseat challenge NASCAR edition is a well-designed console gaming chair designed specially by the intention of making racing games simulation better. This chair is specially created to simulate the real feeling of the NASCAR vehicle, this seat is compatible with any third party steering wheel and pedal combination. With a superior build quality and superb stability and comfort, it may be highly priced but provides realistic immersion in the game experience.

The chair is fully adjustable to accommodate a range of driver settings and heights with quick knob tension adjustment to provide proper comfort while playing games. Powder-coated fully adjustable steel framework for easy adjustability and comfort mobility of the chair from one place to another. It Supports 3rd party wheel and pedal sets from Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster and MadCatz for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC consoles and PCs (Sold Separately).

The chair is compatible with Xbox 360, Xbox one, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and also PC. it can easily accommodate a user of height around 4′ to 7′ foot and weighing around 200lbs. It is recommended for ages 14+.

Some Pros and Cons with Little features:

Playseat is easily collapsible racing seat which is easy to assemble and use, plus a female driver van easily assemble and disassemble this product in a matter of minutes. It provides you a comfortable sitting posture for users to provide comfort gaming for an even longer duration of hours. The steering and pedal platform and even third-party steering and pedal support for satisfied gaming.

The Seat comes with adjustable steering and pedal platform which is suitable for all separately sold third-party steering and pedal accessories. Playseat is very easy to store the basic problem is that the seat is not adjustable in height.

3. Openwheeler Advanced Racing Simulator console gaming chair:

console gaming chair

Openwheeler is a universally compatible gaming suitable console gaming seat which can support any gaming console available right now in the market. This classy and one of it’s on kind as it provides great comfort and satisfaction during gaming even if it is for long hours it does not matter.  With the attractive design, supreme performance and high-grade material it provides great performance and superb comfort level gaming. Talking about not only the looks of this chair the open-wheeler is power-packed with a whole bunch of unique feature for the user.

The openwheeler provides you shoulder support to prevent the tiredness in your shoulder while you are completely involved in your gaming. Also, the Back support and shoulder support are the best even for a shorter duration of gaming and obviously for the long hours of intense gaming. The seat is purely designed keeping in the mind the seat of a genuine sports car in the market. The sliding stainless steel metal rails and fully-reclining back provides you a genuine driving experience. Fully premium class adaptability the openwheeler comes with an adjustable pedal platform. Also, the completely adjustable steering wheel platform driver of any height will be able to best suit his size and driving style.

Another option for you is that you can opt for the OpenWheeler+ for your PS 3 as it comes with a gear shift mount. Unlike the one we were discussing earlier this openwheeler+ comes with an easy-to-mount attachment for a gear shifter to increase your gaming experience. For making it more suitable according to your style the Gear shift mount is moveable forwards and backward. Not limited to console gaming the chair is can also support PC gaming. With no limitation to the connectivity, the chair is compatible with n64, Xbox One, PS3, Wii, PS4, Nintendo, Saga, and the rest. The stability of the chair is incomparable with any other consoling gaming chair. At any degree of stability, the chair can provide you unmatched comfort for gaming.

The easily adjustable controls that can be adjustable according to your liking anytime. Versatile and multifunctional console gaming chair that is also lightweight is one of the best things to choose from in the market. If you go for the OneWheeler+ the gear shifter mount can be done on either side of the chair and can be adjustable backward and forward according to your liking.

The performance of this chair is very much affected by the features provided by this console gaming chair. Highly adjustable features and a superb level of comfortability are the basics to satisfy the need of every individual user.

Some Pros And Cons of this console gaming chair:


The chair is easy to assemble and can easily assemble it in less than an hour. Also, the good build material of the chair provides durability for longer gaming sessions.


Everything has some negative aspect so one of the negative aspects of this chair is that some users find it too low. Rather some users complained that the steering wheel adjustment bar provides obstruction while using the left foot braking.

Final thoughts about this:

The chair is well built, durable and provides a great level of comfort even for the long hours of gaming. Lightweight and easy to assemble which makes it more convenient to use. Highly adjustable and can be completely set to meet your needs and style. The versatility of the chair makes it one of the best console gaming chair that you will come across in the market.

4. Ace Bayou X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair

console gaming chair

Gaming chair that redefined home entertainment since 2005 with the original state of the art sound gaming chair. The X rocker’s innovative, groundbreaking line of sound chairs which bring an upper hand in terms of comfort. An unparalleled and unmatched level of comfort not only for games but also including movies, music and much more. The X rocker’s hi-fidelity Audio Frequency Modulation technology creates an unmatched and fully immersive gaming experience every time you use it for playing games.

Ace Bayou is a wireless video gaming chair which is made up of the metal frame, foam, and vinyl. Feel the sound with the X Rocker interactive Audio output. The Chair comes with two forward facing powerful speakers and a powerful subwoofer for delivering great sound quality. Quality of sound is unmatchable and unbeatable gaming sound experience. Options are available for both wireless and wired audio transmission with the help of an audio jack. The side control panel with volume, bass, input and output jacks provides smooth and in hand control with easy accessibility. Designed for efficiency with full back support for avoiding back pains and all. The maximum weight capacity of this console gaming chair is around 250 pounds and can be used by the 12 years old and above.

Get a full experience of your games, music, movies by immersing yourself in the ultimate and unlimited sound and action in Ace Boyou,s Wireless X rocker 2. Near the headrest, there are two speakers with a built-in subwoofer to pound your back with heavy sound effect and heavy bass for games and music. This high tech console gaming chair is oversized for better comfort with armrest and the brilliant design lends itself to provide full back support. Get a multi-sensory experience with this fully assembled, foldable foam rocker covered in durable vinyl for comfort and easy use.

Not just provides you the intensive and rich sound experience for your games but even for movies and other entertainment kinds of stuff. The chair is fully compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, Gameboy, and even your home theater system. The chair is capable of linking itself directly to your TV rather than plugging in different gaming consoles. Also, the availability of the side control panel for controlling sound and bass keeps you sitting on the chair rather than standing again and again to change your tv volume settings.

Some Pros And Cons:


  • Ready to use, the chair that requires no assembly
  • Directly connects to your TV set
  • Wireless audio transmission
  • Armrest flips out of the way for no-interrupting while gaming


  • Weighs around 45.8lbs and comes with no wheels so difficult to move from one place to another
  • A lot of features but lacks Bluetooth connectivity
  • Required having a 120-volt power adapter to keep up the batteries of the chair powered up

Final Thoughts about this console gaming chair:

X rocker has a brilliant build quality and provides you a great level of comfort with brilliant sound experience. The only problem with the chair is that it is a bit heavy and you may prefer to keep it at one same place rather than moving it here and there again and again. Also, you may need to buy a 120-volt charger to keep the batteries up as it runs out of battery juice within 2 weeks. Rest the chair is comfortable and suitable for even longer hours of gaming and not just gaming even for movie watching and other entertainments. If there is still any doubt why should you go for this one just read about it once again.

5. Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair, Racing Style High-back Office Chair With Lumbar Support and Headrest

console gaming chair for adults

This console gaming chair is designed and perfectly crafted to the natural design of the human body which will provide you a high level of comfort with furniture quality PU leather material. The chair comes with the full-length support for the back, shoulders and your neck also.

Tilt-locking mechanism from 90-180 degrees angle adjuster to adjust the chair according to your comfort level. A gas spring cylinder is provided to easily adjust heights with a sturdy five-star base. The difference here from any of the chair we discussed above is that this chair comes with wheels and easily moveable from one place to another. Special orthopedic and ergonomic design to provide comfort while reducing the chance of having any type of body ache while using this chair.

Good quality premium PU leather material is used to build this up to provide you the best. The adjustable and removable headrest pillow with lumbar cushion is available to provide comfort and support for back and head. With swivel wheels that can complete 360-degree rotation and can also be moved in any direction, the chair is easily transportable for anyone. The chair can easily withstand a maximum load capacity of 300lbs and is tested by 1000 miles rolling.

Some Pros And Cons of this console gaming chair:


The chair provides some brilliant benefits that must be kept in mind like the chair is very stable and would not trip over in any case. To prevent back pains using console gaming chairs a maximum head and back support is provided to prevent the pains. Can be considered as a high-quality gaming chair with durable leather material and offers personalized comfort with its adjustable feature to use it at any angle.


Not a lot of issue but some are, nothing is perfect in this world. The pillows are fluffy and soft more than they are needed to be. Assembly of the chair is a bit tricky and also not suitable for long hours of gaming.

Final Thoughts:

This console gaming chair is efficient and has good build material quality as compared to others. The chair provides a lot of comforts which we should not forget as it prevents some major body pains. Highly stable and easily transportable that is one of the best things to look upon when buying something good. The price is reasonable and at such a price you are going to get some amazing level of comfort and you can say goodbye to those unwanted body aches. Still, have doubt read once again.

So these were some of the best gaming console chairs for adults in 2019. Hope you will love them and we promise to come with some more in the upcoming week. Share this with your gaming friends and let them have a piece of this.

Image credits: youtube, Amazon, X Rocker, X Rocker Nation.

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