Android 8.0 oreo features and specifications.

So here comes the new update of the very powerful and most coustomized, personalized operating system android. Now android has been in the wprld for last so many years. It has launched his new update which is very cool and awesome called android oreo or Android 8.0. so lets go to android 8.0 oreo features and specifications.

Android 8.0 oreo features and specifications.

From the past few years google is trying hard to improve users experience on there operating system. Now the new update android 8.0 oreo is the one of the new best updates till date. Android 8.0 does not have any changes in its looks but has many new updates behind the scenes. Some of the few new updates have been given below.


Android 8.0 comes with the following of the few updates you may need to know. So here is the list of some of the few updates of android 8.0.

1. Visual effect.

Guys the new update android 8.0 oreo will not be coming with any new visual effect as ypu compare it with android nogat or any other. It will have the same visual effects but there are many new updates google has provided us under the hood. According to google this update will provide you a very better and smooth performance so lets see what it will do when you will get the update.

2. Boot time.

According to the news regarding android 8.0 oreo the google says that your boot timings will be 50% faster. For example if you switch on or pff your device it will be faster then before. Cool so this means your phone will be faster and smoother then before. The new update is been tested on pixel mobiles this means that all the phones using new android will be much faster and smoother.

3. Background apps.

In the new update of android 8.0 oreo it will monitor the usage of apps that you use. That means it will monitor the usage time of the apps, what is the effect of app you use and much more. Android 8.0 oreo will provide you much better battery life then the other androids.

4. Auto fill.

This update will provide a new feature that mens if you use any app like Twitter, Facebook, etc etc. When you will log in these kinds of app you will be asked to save your account details. So whenever you will log in next time you will get an option of auto fill by which you dont have to provide your log in details again. Saving your time easily.

5. Picture and picture form.

In this you will get a brand new thing from android. In this if you are playing a video using any of your video players or even you are using youtube you will be able to minimize them to your home screen and you other apps in background. These feature also works with video calls and all other applications.

6. Applications.

Google is always trying to make a better interference with user. In this you will get a small dot on your app. Is you long press the dot you will be directly able to see the notification off the apps. The new update has also improved the function and features of inbuild apps. You will also get the google play protection and much more with some new emojis. The list of features is non ending.

So these were some of the main features of android 8.0 oreo.

Expected date of update for handstes.

If you are using nexus or pixel mobiles campatible with new update you can manually flash the new update. Otherwise new flagship phones will be getting the new update very soon may be in a month. Now talking about the other mid range mobile phone you will get the update when ever the company officially announces it. So just see when you will get to use it but whenever you will get the new update you will be able to access oll the feature.

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Android 8.0 oreo features and specifications.

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