5 Most Popular Launchers For Android

 Everything you ever wanted to know about the 5 most popular launchers on android is here. 

5 Most Popular Launchers For Android



5 Most Popular Launchers For Android


The most customizable and handy launcher is here. Add a new style to your boring phone UI. Seriously say good bye to your old and boring launchers right now. The whole new launcher that offers you smooth unique and highly customizable system. You get a whole new experince with the 3d menu and 3d widgets. There is no end of customization unlimited dock menu with infinte angles and much more 3d clocks and more than 9 gesture support, hide menu,effective 3D home screen switching mode and freewheeling home screen element layout mode. More than 10 independent layout home screens supported. Long range of highly customizable 3d themes nd 3d widgets. More than 10 TSF launcher exclusive widgets including clock,music,messages,wether,memo etc. Many nice and awesome third party themes are available. Funny and intuitive TSF shell launcher setting. You can preview the corresponding settings directly.



Next up in list is the beautiful and smooth NOVA LAUNCHER a highly customizable, performance driven and smooth launcher. Despite being light the launcher does not compromise with coustomization you get a app drawer in which apps are nicely arranged in alphabetical order with hide applications option. On the extreme left of your home screen you get a page with your recently done things,reminders etc. You will get some higly magnificient themes and features, specially the simplw ui makes you feel cool and with no end of coustomization you can adjust it as the way u want. Want some more features just get the NOVA LAUNCHER PRIME VERSION.


Now the third launcher lite and smooth. Just being of 5 mb it does not take much space in your handset. A light weight nd smooth launher which adds a style and coolness to the boring ui of your phone. The list of features of EVIE are non ending some main features are universal search, quick navigation, intuitve design, coustom shortcuts, personalization and lot more. Evie helps you do what you want fast with a elegant home screen replacment. Simply it’s just you. The launcher is perfect for those who likes simplicity get it and never feel disappointed for it.


5 Most Popular Launchers For Android


Now this what you really expect from this app you get. A small, elegant, clean, fast, battery-saving and most important PERSONALIZED. The main features of this launcher is given below it’s fast, secure, smart, coustomizable. Fast and easy to use just find the useless apps from the search bar and uninstall them it has a friendly intreaction that means a phone launcher that improves your interface in every single detail. With featuring and friendly interface it consumes less attery and gives a unexpectd performance. It also protects your data from the third parties offering you a great deal of privacy. Personalize it in the way you love do what ever you want to do it will response the way you never expected.


5 Most Popular Launchers For Android


Now the last one is the OF LAUNCHER. I am using this one right now and its just add another level to your boring old android. It’s so easy that you can just use it by one hand swipe left and get the menu which shows wether, featured app,google search, music and settings. Double swipe left and get widget settings. On the right you get a series of folders organised in a brand new style. It’s so simple that it can be used by one hand and with every folder there is a unique live wallpaper which does not make you feel bored everytime you use it. Double swipe right you enter the menu of folder managment where you can edit folder and add style according to your preference. Swipe down to view your all apps.


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